More bukit cermin

Ive updated post at LYN on the bukit cermin

 zoom out International Casket school at bukit cermin

this is the view of bukit cermin from putra avenue/ highway. I once ask the people from Kampung Tengah about the hill, they said there use to be a mini waterfall/stream flowing from the hill. but they dug it out clean. D:

International casket School at bukit cerminZoom in picture of the Living Casket. A great place to gamble your children future, life and death.  you can see alot of erosion on the hill. and they only cover a small area with black canvas. Mind you, that this developer work around the clock.

Side view of Kingsley international School indevelopment, bukit cermin

This is the side view of the school taken from GLades HQ. Soo close to the steep side of the hill. they did embeded a few pillar on to the hill itself.

bukit cermin landslide

This is the picture from the landslide place.

1) is where the landslide occur, the land fall down into the mud reservoir below which lead to the infamous MudTsunami

2) is the location of the Hindu Temple

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