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PLacebo Battle for the sun

Oh yeah! I’m still in the placebo madness mood! and i reallly really hope that I’ll struck my luck in Fly Fm’s Placebo Live in Malaysia contest Neway, Ive found some nice goodies for all Placebo fans¬† out here. Click … Continue reading

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Lucky day!

yeah!!!! WoooHOOOO!!! Read the Tittle again beybeh!!!¬† and yes! ToDay is indeed a LUCky day for AMer!!!! *clap* *clap* whooohoo!! ~~Thank to my Real life Gloria~~ =P Take a loook closely to the screenshot above. Click it and re-size it … Continue reading

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PLacebo live in Malaysia!!

OMG!!! PLACEBO LIVE IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!! aRGhhhhhhhh!!! and it’s comfirmed!!! checkout the tickets! omg omg omg omg! im dying to meet them! Rumors said that their local support acts include DJs Hackeem Elektrischer, Twilight Actiongirl and singer Ikwal..erk!? Does their genre … Continue reading

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Blog renew-ed

The blog was renew(ed) since Yuna still wants to continue @ share @ contribute @ spam etc. something with you guys. However old database and domain are destroyed. Hereby we would like to take this opportunity to say thank … Continue reading

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