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Accidently say something stupid

This videoclip is cool. But in realife, it suck cause it can happen randomly. Stupid scumbag brain! You made me blow away my fiancee!

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Inb4 slowpoke: Fye’s Hatsune Miku Dub

Not really a fan of dub. But Fye’s version of Hatsune Miku’s Love is war is awesome!   ^This is the original version^

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Majesty, My Little Pony G1

I lost Majesty, this is not the picture of my actual pony I used to have a pony whom I call her Majesty Hail to the Throne.My dad brought her from a car boot sale in Edinburgh and lost her last … Continue reading

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My Skyrim Journal: How to deal with someone you love but hate you?

Guaranteed 100% satisfaction   Love someone but s/he doesnt love you back? Just use Professor Arondil’s recipe to a better living! Step 1: Lure him/her to a cave or any discreet location Step2: Kill him/her without totally destroying or mutilate the … Continue reading

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I’m a girl and I think I lost my penis

  Yeaaaaa! So True! The only girly girl thing I had as an elementary kid is My Little Pony which now have an unexpected fan base consisting of male viewer. I played my very own PS1, gameboy advance, Ragnarok online and Magic the … Continue reading

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