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A message from Sharm

I love Sharm! Ive just notice ive got a youtube message from her.Although it look like a computer generated message, but it’s still awesome to get a response from the Queen of the Alliance!

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Great 4chan opinion on Sopa Pipa

You know what cracks me up about pro-(and anti-) SOPA People? They think that the bill is actually about piracy. For fuck sake, it happened when the cassette tape came out ( Oh the end of the music industry) vhs … Continue reading

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Gaming can make a better world

I love you Jane McGonigal!! Gamers will rule the world! “When we’re playing games, we’re not suffering.”   

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My First Cata Raid loot

I dont know how to react..Was happy the moment i saw something pop into my beg after winning nb4G.. but it turn out to be a rouge item… =( p/s: I’m a disc/holy priest  

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Obscura Digital used 44 projectors to map these images onto the architecture of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for the 40th anniversary of the U.A.E. Using 3D structural data, the San Francisco-based company. Cool though. Credits:Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Projections from Obscura … Continue reading

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